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No matter what your requirements, UK Refurbs can provide the right solutions. From unique meeting room spaces to a complete refurbishment we have you covered.

With over 25 years experience, our dedicated team ensure the minimal of disruption to your day to day business and guarantee to deliver on time and within budget.


Office, Retail, Catering Refurbishments

One Stop Shop

UK Refurbs deliver the entire project from start to finish. We have the complete range of skills and expertise across all trades and have project management skills to ensure the team deliver efficiently and effectively.

Over the years, we have developed an excellent reputation for delivering stylish refurbishments within tight budgets and to tight deadlines. We do whatever it takes to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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Our team of dedicated refurbishment specialists can bring new life to tired offices, warehouses and existing workspaces. From creating new workspaces within existing offices and warehouses to a complete overhaul of your building we have the knowledge and technical expertise to provide you with a cheaper alternative to relocation.

Refurbishments over Relocating

Moving premises to create more space might not always be your best option. Our team of designers are specialists within their respective fields of maximising your available floorspace to create a better more defined workspace with minimal disruption and expense. Give us a call to arrange an appointment and you will be amazed at what can be achieved.

New premises, new ideas

If you have taken the decision to relocate but need to redesign your new space then we can find the right solution for you. From single rooms to complete refit we have the experience, knowledge and team of professional builders and designers to make your new premises work for you.

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Partitioning & Suspended Ceilings

We supply conventional office partitioning or both double and single skin steel partitions to give more durable office accommodation in more industrial environments. For warehouses, we can also provide mesh partitioning for security and good visibility.

If you know what you want, forward your requirements to us by email or call us on to discuss in more detail. We’ll normally respond within a couple of hours with a preliminary quotation.

There’s no end to the places you can use suspended ceilings. Our suspended ceilings are installed in shops, offices, hotels, cinemas, churches, clubs, pubs, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses and more right across the country. And with an ever-increasing range of styles and colours, your suspended ceiling will look great too.

If you are not sure what you need call us on or send an enquiry. By asking a few pertinent questions we will be able to advise you on the best way forward and usually we can work out a budgetary price for you the same day.

So please get in touch, our advisors are ready to help and we won’t try any hard sell. Call us on or send an enquiry.

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Mezzanines & Office Mezzanine Suites

A mezzanine floor is a self supporting steel structure which usually stands on an existing concrete slab to create additional usable floor space within an existing building. The uses of these structures are as varied as the imaginations of our customers but generally fall into four categories.

Storage Platforms

The basic mezzanine storage platform can be custom designed to suit a variety of storage needs. The basic storage platform is designed to support a UDL (uniformly distributed load) of 500kg per m2 and allows for the use of a hand pallet truck carrying a 500kg pallet. We can increase the UDL or point loading capacity of a platform to suit any special requirement. Automatic fire detection and emergency lighting should be extended to the underside of the structure.

Working Areas

Working areas similarly to storage areas are designed to suit your loading requirements. Suitable access should be considered for disabled persons and fire protection should be fitted to the underside of the structure. Particular regard should be taken of escape routes from the platform to enable people to safely exit the building in case of a fire.

Platform Retail Premises

Generally retail premises have a lighter loading requirement than storage areas. Very often the supporting columns on these areas need to be kept to a minimum. Feature staircases and handrails are also generally required. Suitable access should be considered for disabled persons and fire protection should be fitted to the underside of the structure. Particular regard should be taken of escape routes from the platform to enable people to safely exit the building in case of a fire.

Office Mezzanine Suites

If you want to incorporate offices into your warehouse, factory or existing office space without losing valuable storage or production space then our Mezzanine Floor system is the perfect solution.

Our experts have extensive knowledge in all forms of structural floors. From taking the project on board, we carry out a full site survey, provide you with working CAD drawings, we can also handle all Building Regulations – a legal requirement for any mezzanine floor, and Planning Applications to Local Authorities.

Once the mezzanine is in place our installation team can fit steel partitioning systems to create the office and we can supply everything to fit out your office including: – Electrics, heating and water, Floor Coverings, Suspended ceilings, Office Furniture, Office Storage, Internal Office Partitions.

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Building Security

UK Refurbs have supplied and fitted a wide range of security measures from security gates and grilles, barriers and bonded warehouse security for some of the UK's leading companies. We only use quality products which are tested to the highest standards to maximise your business' security.

Below is a selection of the security grilles and roller shutters we supply and install.

excalibur grille

excalibur grilles

The Excalibur is an established expanding security grille, manufactured in the UK, providing security with ventilation. Ideal for use in the home, office or shop environment.

• Our discreet panels form a neat and unobtrusive ‘curtain’ when not in use.
• Smooth and quiet operation is facilitated by nylon components which separate all steel moving parts.
• Each bespoke grille is manufactured to meet size requirements and can be finished in any of our standard colours.
• Galvanised steel is used to ensure all grilles remain rust-free and only require minimum maintenance.
• The bottom tracks can be hinged up or made removable to allow easier access for wheelchairs and pushchairs.
• Planning permission is rarely required.
• A Multi-point locking system is designed with the user’s protection in mind, offering maximum security, including an anti-lift hook bolt which is housed in an alumina-ceramic core for protection against saw attack.
• The grilles are manufactured from an extruded aluminium framework with galvanised steel uprights and cross members, meaning they are both strong and attractive in appearance. Grilles can be powder coated in various colours, allowing the grilles to blend in or stand out from the environment.

Variable options

• Curtains can be folded to either side (Single Stack) or both sides (Double Stack).
• Fixed Panel: Panels can be manufactured in a fixed framework, with no lock.
• Flexible Stack: The grille can be opened from either side and can be moved to the left or right as required.
• Whole Stack to Hinge Aside: The curtain can be made to hinge 90 degrees, in order to allow maximum visibility and access.

 Download Excalibur Brochure


balmoral grille

balmoral grilles

The Balmoral is a UK manufactured, high security expanding grille, which has passed stringent ‘attack’ tests by an independent testing body, and has received the LPCB Level 1 award.

• The Balmoral is similar to the Excalibur, however it incorporates a range of additional features for increased security.
• Additional features include a steel bottom track, steel top cowl, additional brackets and nylon components for added protection.
• The rivets are made from stainless steel and are pneumatically pressed for greater hold.
• A Multi-point locking system is designed with the user’s protection in mind, offering maximum security, including protection against saw attack.
• Nylon components between moving parts ensure smooth and quiet operation.
• The grille can be folded to the side to form a neat curtain when it is not in use.
• The grilles are powder coated prior to assembly to ensure maximum coverage and are available in a wide range of colours.

Variable Options

• The bottom track can be removable or hinge up, in order to allow for easy access. Alternatively it can be fixed.
• Curtains can be folded to either side (Single Stack), both sides (Double Stack) or fixed.
• A full cylinder lock is available, allowing key access from both the front and back of the grille, ideal for doorways.
• Sizes range from 500mm to 6000mm wide and from 650mm to 3046mm high.

 Download Balmoral Brochure


alligator roller shutters


Alligator Roller Shutters are manufactured in the UK and offer an ideal security solution for schools, offices, clubs and shops.

• Alligator Roller Shutters are available with a 3” steel solid, perforated or punched lath and can be manually or electrically operated.
• Punched and perforated lath allows passers by to see inside when closed, for advertising and display purposes, and allows emergency services vision before entering the premises.
• Our electric shutters incorporate a specially designed, unique locking bracket to ensure that even the smallest of electric shutters cannot be lifted.
• Multiple electric shutters, that can be operated at the same time by one switch, are an optional extra.
• Large areas can be covered with just one electric shutter.
• Sophisticated springing systems assist you in lifting manually operated shutters with minimum effort.
• Shutters can be manufactured into new shop fronts or buildings at early design stage or alternatively installed in existing buildings, utilising a box to house the roller.
• Working closely with joiners, shop-fitters or builders during the early construction stages, we can usually satisfy town planners, insurance companies and crime prevention officers.
• Interior fitted shutters act as a physical deterrent and can usually be put up without any planning permission, however permission may be required for exterior fitted shutters.
• Roller shutters are produced in galvanised steel and there is the option to have them powder coated and finished in one of our standard colours.

Variable Options

• The electric shutters can be opened and closed with either a small internally fitted rocker switch, an externally mounted key switch, or a hand-held remote control.
• Electric shutters can be single phase for covering small areas, or three phase for larger areas.
• Manual shutters have an option of a centre lock or pin locks.
• Punched lath can also be glazed to allow maximum visibility and security.

 Download Alligator Brochure


minigator roller shutters


Minigator Shutters protect all types of domestic and commercial properties and can be manufactured to fit most types of doors and windows. They are smart, neat and easy to operate with a high quality finish.

• Minigator Shutters are manufactured in either a 44mm extruded or foam filled aluminium lath, which gives the appearance of a continental style shutter.
• Foam filled lath can assist with insulation.
• When rolled down, they are weather resistant, tough and elegant, whilst being discreet and unobtrusive when in the ‘up’ position, with slimline aluminium boxes styled for minimum visual impact.
• Minigators are virtually maintenance free.
• At the outset, the core of the shutter can be built into the surrounding brickwork so that your Minigator Shutters are concealed within the fabric of the building and remain inaccessible from the outside.
• Can be built into sales cabinets, drinks bars and food canteens and allows the separation of public and private areas.
• They are available in white or brown as standard, however the extruded lath can be powder coated to one of our standard colours.
• Interior fitted shutters can usually be put up without any planning permission, however local authority approval may be required for exterior fitted shutters.

Variable Options

• Electric operation can be included with the use of a rocker switch, key switch or remote control. Multiple installations can be operated via a group command.
• Manual shutters are available as spring assisted push-ups with a centre lock or shoot bolts. Alternatively, they can be crank-operated with an inbuilt D.V.A locking system.
• The shutters can be fitted externally and operated from the inside or outside. Alternatively, they can be fitted internally and operated from inside only.

 Download Minigator Brochure


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